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WELL about me! I love to go to church. I am definatly a GIRLY GIRL, I love to go shopping but at the same time I love to do scary things! I love my Pastor and Pastors' family! They mean sooo much to me! The lord has been so good to me, he's never failed me he's never let me down! There's so much I could thank my Lord for! I love my church! I want to be all that the Lord wants me to be, I am wiiling to give my life to him, I want Jesus Christ me be in charge of my life and my actions!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Indian food is awesome!
SUSHI rocks, I think it is my favorite out of any food, even McDonalds!
Chinese food, well, not my favorite, but it is ok!
Italian is really good, I love it!
My mom's cooking is awesome! :)

I like all kinds of food, some more than others but they are all pretty good! I think SUSHI is the best out of all of these, well, except my mom's cooking!

Chruch Service - 1.11.09

Sunday Morning:
We had 2 of the best Chruch services this last sunday! Sunday morning we had sunday school, then everyone came out and we had our 10 minute break and then we had Sunday Morning Worship. Bro. Elms(younger) let Bro. Orange testify along with Sis. Orange then Sis. Elms testified. Sis. Orange sang sunday morning, it was a beautiful song! Bro. Elms(elder) preached our Sunday Morning Service. We had a wonderful time of prayer!
Sunday Night:
Was a wonderful service again! We had a wonderful song service, the sweet presence of God was really there! I really felt the Holy Ghost and I think everyone else did too! Sis. Orange and Alyana sang "INTO MY HEART" it was really cute to hear Alyana! Then Sis. Orange sang a really good Old Fashion Pentecostal song with about 8 verses! Then Bro. Orange preached and it was really awesome! But I think that it was one of the best Sunday's ever!

I am new at this

Hello to ALL! I am soo new at this, so bear with me! But I'll get used to it! I love these kinda things. I love blogging, not that I do it alot!